Photo by  Ashley Kennedy

About LAura

Laura is a non-Denominational Wedding Commissioner who performs memorable, personalized, and romantic wedding ceremonies in Jasper, Alberta.

Ever since I can remember, I have been so enchanted with wedding ceremonies and the ritual that surrounds this special milestone.

When my husband and I were married in May 2016, the ceremony was the most important part to me; a chance for our hand-picked guests to witness our love and commitment to each other. However, through the process of wedding planning, it didn’t seem like it was a priority. Amongst the decisions to make around flowers, dinner, music and guests, the pressure to host a perfect event let the ceremony get lost. I made it a point to work with my commissioner to create the experience that meant the most to us and would be engaging for our witnesses. This experience gave me the inspiration and the passion to pursue a career as a marriage commissioner.

My goal is to bring back the importance of the ceremony but keep it fun and curated to each couple. I want to show you that you can make this part of your wedding anything they want it to be; whether it’s on top of a mountain, singing their vows to each other, or not having vows at all; how to incorporate tradition without it feeling ridged or forced. Love is free flowing, a light that shines inward and outward in every direction.